Enrian is a boutique development and consulting company focusing on digital enablement and innovations, designing and building solutions for clients all over the world. Since our foundation in 2014, we have successfully delivered over 60 projects in 12 countries.

We bring along our own way of working and pass it on to our clients, mostly corporations and startups alike. We stand alongside our clients in order to advise them on the best possible solution for their needs, scouting for, inventing, designing and delivering digital solutions. We make our solutions so they are intuitive and easy to use, but always having a clear business impact for the client. For more details, please visit our website https://www.enrian.com.

Who are we looking for?

An Business analyst who can work independently and is willing to lead others in project / solution design &  its implementation. If you are passionate about understanding how things are working, analyzing them, creating new ways how they should work, especially in a digital environment, if you are a team player who likes to share, learn and debate with others and you are detail oriented, if you prefer hands-on experience over theoretical learning, this position is perfect for you!

What will be your main responsibilities?

  • Communication with our Client directly and enjoying shaping the product/solution with them, 
  • Efficiently communicate also internally, explain design ideas, consistently “fight” for good things to happen,
  • Providing expertise in business analysis, problem structuring, problem solving, 
  • Preparing documentation and other form of deliverables, including (but not limited to) business design and functional specification,
  • Executing testing of digital solutions, to ensure both the functionality and the user experience take place. 

What experience and skill we require?

  • Experience with designing product for given project, fast delivery and a hands-on approach over processes or being told what to do,
  • Strong analytical skills, knowledge and experience with functional and data analysis,        
  • Willing to step out of your comfort zone - speed-up new knowledge gathering, getting familiar with to you unknown industry practices (banking, telco, utilities, e-commerce, ...), implement solutions in the mode learning-by-doing,
  • Fluent in English - we're a global team, and it's the language we share
  • Fluent in Italian - native or C1/C2 level

What knowledge and experience would be a bonus for us or nice to have?

  • Knowledge of process optimization techniques and tools,
  • Some professional experience with banking, telco, utility industries or e-commerce. 

Personality and other skills:

  • Strong communication skills - you are a people person and can clearly and objectively communicate besides other developers, you'll be closely collaborating with other business analysts, software developers, delivery leads, management, quality assurance and user experience designers, 
  • Entrepreneurial mindset - strong team player, passion for quality, willing to jump in or eager to learn new  technologies and standards when needed,
  • An agile mindset, the flexibility and the ability to face challenges constructively.

Perks & Benefits:

  • Opportunity to work in a fast-paced, agile, software engineering culture with cool colleagues, driven and supportive, each one with strong opinion, some with a lot of experience, some juniors (most of them are Star Wars fans and different kinds of geeks and tech enthusiasts),
  • A place in our comfortable office in a great location in Prague (Náměstí Míru),
  • Flexible working hours & home office,
  • A Macbook Pro for work and personal use, 
  • Employee mobile tariff with unlimited minutes and generous data allowance,
  • Paid 5 weeks of holidays and sick days,
  • Multisport card,
  • Coffee and refreshments in the kitchen,
  • Using English on a daily basis, communication with people from different countries,
  • Traveling abroad to interesting destinations (if desired).
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